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Yeah, I know I’m a little bit behind but I just had to get this out there. I’m like 2 hrs into this game and I have no goddamned clue wtf is going on. I’m controlling the 3rd “party” which is a refugee kid who just watched his mother die and forgot to bring the [...]

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Little Known Facts from the Old School

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Kirk ‘Milk Dee’ Robinson of the Bklyn duo Audio Two was actually a quarter Jewish on his mother’s side. So when he busted up a party, he’d feel a LITTLE guilt…

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Relationship Advice

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Don’t try to be everything to your partner – you won’t succeed. The only thing you can do is continue to project those qualities that attracted them in the first place… …while completely ruining those things they like, that you can’t pull off.  Girls: He won’t get over that crush on Pamela Anderson? No problem - record yourself giving [...]

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So, they cast a black dude, to play a Norse god that Norse saga refers to as “The White God”. Which is just bizarre enough but… Just cause Iron Man got a black sidekick doesn’t mean Thor needs one too. And really, hes the gatekeeper for Asgard. Why’s the black guy gotta be cast as [...]

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