Avengers!!! Drop it like it’s hot!!

I was informed today that Bendis is gone from The Avengers.

Since its been a little while since I read an Avengers book my question was: Which Avengers?

  • Mighty Avengers?
  • Dark Avengers?
  • New Avengers?
  • Secret Avengers?
  • Young Avengers?
  • Fluffy Avengers?

Seriously, I mean, I’m a fan and all but give me a break. There is a reason all of the Avengers spinoff books failed before, noone gives a shit about the Great Lakes Avengers. Ok, maybe West Coast Avengers I get, but really, you guys have Quinjets you’re telling me you can’t project force from NYC to fucking Michigan?

Worst. Superheroes. Ever.

Though, I would like to see a Dirty South Avengers book. I’d read the hell out of that. Andre 3000 could be the butler at the mansion, it would be sweet.

I just put that shit out there in the universe didn’t I?

Quesada’s ears are tingling somewhere.

Avengers: Hotlanta, c’mon Joe make it happen!

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